Nav mesh cut issues


I’m currently using the pro version of the A* Pathfinding project. The version I have is 3.3.6 which I downloaded last September. I’m experiencing a bug where a nav mesh cut will leave triangles on the recast graph unconnected, although it appears that they definitely should be connected. In your changelog, version 3.3.9 and 3.3.12 includes the following update: ‘Fixed rare bug which could mess up navmeshes when using navmesh cutting’. I’d like to get this fix, but I don’t want to do a complete upgrade (as everything else is working). Would you be able to give me any pointers to which bits of code I would need to integrate to get just this fix?



Sorry, I think those fixes were widespread across multiple parts of the project. It would probably be more work applying just those fixes than to upgrade to the latest version. If you want I could send you just version 3.3.12 which should be easier to upgrade to than to the 3.4.x releases.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

If I could get version 3.3.12 that would probably be helpful. Where can I get this? Also, if you have any broad advice on where the cutting code is, it would be helpful.