My AIPath fully rotates sometimes when tracing

My AIPath randomly makes a full rotation as you can see in the GIF.
I am using a grid graph and AIPath for the “bot”.

The AIPath has a rigidbody, but that shouldn’t be the problem since it does this weird rotation even when not touching any walls.

Having the same problem


Which version are you using?

Increasing the slowdown distance on AIPath and increasing radius on RVOController, resolved the dancing 360. That might help. i’m using 4.0.11.

will have rotate-mode agan when two AIPath try to reach the same transform target but that might a separate issue.

The changelog says 4.0.11

For you, yes the slowdown distance is the relevant parameter. If it is set really low then the (zero in particular) then the AI will not be able to slow down enough when it reaches the target and instead it will overshoot and have to turn around. The RVOController’s radius shouldn’t have anything to do with it though.
This is a different issue than @Anthon_Fredriksson has though. I am not sure what is going on there. What happens if you set the ‘repath rate’ field to a very large value? Just to exclude some possibilities.