Multiple waypoints path

im having trouble using waypointpath.cs and waypointpathtester.cs
i have got the pathfinding line to render but have no idea how to make my capsule move following the path like in tutorial .
its because im confused at what waypointpath.cs do in detail so its hard to modify it to fit my needs.

an explanation would be nice, thanks

guys please help , im at lost here, i need to know how to make my agent move with this script


Usually you would not calculate the whole path at once. Instead you would first move towards the first waypoint in the sequence, and when some script detects that the agent is close enough, it would switch the target the second waypoint.

Hi sir aron, can you help me ?

im using your AstarAI.cs and WaypointPath.cs. I just want to make my agent move using the generated path, but im confused even more when i take a look at WaypointPathTester.cs

can you help me modify the AstarAI script ?


If you want it to follow a sequence of points, I think the easiest way is not like the WaypointPath example does it (though that can be useful for other scenarios).

Do something like

void Update () {
     // TODO: Might want to ignore the y coordinate
     if (Vector3.Distance(transform.position, target.position) < 1) {
           target = // Next target in the sequence