Multiple Units on Recast Graph Conflict

Background: I have an area setup with a Recast graph, the setup is pretty simple. There are two units (of the same type) that each have their own set of way-points and are setup to patrol the area, following their own route, and both on the same graph.

If both units are active at the same time… then one unit will spin and not path correctly. If I disable the other unit the one spinning then starts to follow it’s route correctly. Occasionally I get get them both active following from one node to the next, however after one unit arrives the next unit spins again on arrival.

It’s pretty confusing - I’m running A* 4.2.8 and have double checked all my settings multiple times, and debugged. I can see that both units get valid paths but only one arrives and the other just spins. They really seem to be conflicting each other, but I don’t understand how that is possible like this?

Any help appreciated, thanks!

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Resolved - seems the problem related to stored data for the units. I’d copied the unit and changed settings, however there was a conflict. After resetting some scripts and setting manually again the units now work correctly and no longer conflict.

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