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Multiple ProceduralGridMover graphs?


Is it possible to have multiple ProceduralGridMover for each NPC?

I have a vast open world with a few “chasing” enemies. The player is not constrained by any pathfinding, but the NPCs are. Therefore, ProceduralGridMover seems like a perfect choice for me.

Since the NPCs can be far away from the player, and the player object does not use pathfinding, I was thinking if it was not better, and more efficient, to attach the ProceduralGridMover to each NPC, similar to some kind of “cone of vision”.

However, A* seems to just use the same GridGraph and it moves it rapidly between each NPC. Is there a way to get around this? Perhaps a new GridGraph for each NPC?


I have just released the new beta version 4.3.23 ( which has support for creating multiple ProceduralGridMover scripts to handle multiple graphs.

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Thank you!
I have not had the time to test the beta version, but I am sure it will suit my needs.

Thanks again!

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