Multiple paths on one Seeker?


I want to be able to have one, stationary seeker store a couple of path variations, that an enemy (also a seeker) can randomly pick from and follow. This would greatly improve the computations required when there are hundreds of enemies on the map. And with a sufficiently large number of path variations it will definitely look random enough.
But so far I haven’t gotten it to work… I’ve tried making a path array and have the (stationary) seeker fill it up, with penalties to the previous path nodes. But I get no variation at all… Every enemy follows each other in a line.
Is this possible? Any tips on how to accomplish this?


Make sure your penalties are large enough. A penalty of 1000 is roughly the cost of moving 1 world unit.
One thing you could do is to set a random tag on every node, and then you calculate several different paths, each with different costs for the different penalties. You could then also cluster your tags a bit, so they are not quite random, this might produce nicer looking paths in some cases I believe.

I don’t think you should modify the Seeker component. Just store every path in a list outside it instead.

Okey, I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Thx for the tips!