Multiple layers (levels) of graph on each other

Hey there,

I want to know if it is possible to put for example multiple grid graph on each other (Different Y in Center property) and the agent can move between them ? I want to make fake 3D pathfinding by moving between different layers (levels). Or in better approach find the nearest and valid path from A to B between these levels.

It sounds like you want the layered grid graph. This is available in the pro version.

@aron_granberg I want the agent can move between them. I want it for my flying enemies. (For fake 3D pathfinding)
Could you check it out ?

Ah. I see.
I think a point graph is better to use in that case (see other thread).

Is it possible the agent can move (interpolate) between different graph in different height ? Like the image

As I noticed if there is same start point and end point Y axis, pathfinding is done automatically.
Any other approach for moving between different layers ?


Sorry for the late answer. I have been away for some time.
There is no easy solution to this for grid graphs.
You could probably write a script that connects each node using node.AddConnection(nodeInLayerAbove); and node.AddConnection(nodeInLayerBelow) though.