Multiple graphs?

Because Recast graph is so much faster for scanning, would it be better to use a recast graph for the terrain and trees (which don’t move or change)? Then after I create my destructible buildings to scan with Layered Grid Graph?

Each unit would then be subject to both graphs - would that be a better approach?
My units are currently using Seeker, SimpleSmoothModifier, AIPath, RVOController.
AIPath and RichAI seem to be mutually exclusive so I’m not sure how that would work out?

Also, I have different sized-units (goblins to giants). My understanding is that I need to create one graph per unit size category?


Recast graphs are usually much slower to scan compared to layered grid graphs.

You cannot really combine graphs like that unfortunately. It is possible to pick which graph an agent should use, but it cannot use multiple graphs for the same region of space to plan the path.

Have you considered using navmesh cutting for the destructible buildings? A* Pathfinding Project

Yes. That is correct.