Multiple floor elevator Shafts

Originally under feature requests, but I think I should have checked here first. What is the best way to handle elevator shafts reaching multiple floors? The NodeLink2 class seems to be limited in the number of remote endpoints. Can NodeLinkX be used in an elevator (shaft) situation or is something else required?



I have never personally tried it. Functionally it should work just fine with just a link from one floor to the next (and previous), but in your movement script I assume you have to handle the animation of the elevator too, which might be tricky.

The AI won’t move sequentially up/down the floors. They may go from 1 to 5 or 7 to -4. If they are linked as you mention above, will it try to make the AI get off at each floor? I was expecting to create one nodelink for each remote floor, per floor. I was assuming pathfinding would search all the nodes (x10, x50) and return the shortest path. I was also expecting to have to do some tuning so it searches far away first in some cases.

It depends on how your movement script follows the links. But yes, for simplicity it would indeed be best to have every floor have one link to every single other floor (or well, you could divide that link count by two since the links are bidirectional). Unless you have a huge number of floors this should not cause any issues for performance.

hhrrmmm, It’s going to be a building simulator so floor counts will start small but I expect 50+ floors eventually.

I was able to solve the problem I was having with the Node wrapper I was using, Since I’m half way to elevators with it and it’s in my notes I may continue using it. I’m an idiot for referenceing the same aiSeeker script. Was throwing coroutines around like a juggler.

The green lines near the stairs are from a coroutined search hitting a floor. Live it’s very pretty, reminds me of my raid array.

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