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Multiple AStarPath Support

What are the possibilities of getting support for multiple AStarPath objects in a scene?

Use case: We are building our title as a master scene with sub scenes loaded as they are required. Each sub scene is completely independent so any pathfinding is local to that scene. It would be easiest for our designers if they could just stick an AStarPath in the sub-scene and set it up as they require. Obviously Seekers etc would have to be told which AStarPath to use but again, this would be local to each sub-scene.

Or am I missing some nifty feature that will already allow this? :slight_smile:


well, it’s been a while. I am wondering if there is any solution right now?

Sorry. There is no solution for this at the moment.
You can manually load and save graphs though Saving and Loading Graphs - A* Pathfinding Project, and specify on which seeker which graphs they should use.