Moving Graph Inconsistent AI Behavior

Hey folks!

Thanks again @aron_granberg on your previous help with issues using the moving navmesh features. Have run into another problem, possibly with the AI or graph updating. Characters have jumpy inconsistent movement when the graph is moving, but move properly when its not moving. Here are comparison videos

If I have my plane moving forward faster than this, the AI movement behavior seems worse. In the game I intend to have it moving much faster then you see above.

Also here are my settings for the components below. I have a large area but it’s flat besides a road through the middle in my test scene. Setting the update interval this low was the only way i could get some movement happening, but it’s not moving properly. When I make a build of the game, i don’t get any movement at all either, which may or may not be related :slight_smile: Anything to try would be greatly appreciated.


Update for anyone interested! Realize my physics were dictated by an attached Rigidbody which needed Interpolate or Extrapolate settings for the correct movement. Hope this helps someone else down the line :slight_smile:


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