Moving backward

Good morning ,
let me explain my issues, i’m usings Vehicules moves with rotation and moving backward enable , my issues is sometime they rotate perfectly and sometime they taking time before changing direction (most of the time when going front-behind) , and i don’t find anyway to change the rotation speed of backward move, i tried everything all settings one by one , but still have this issues

i’m using many vehicules at a time for moving like an rts game, so i need them to rotate without loosing time but in a nice way , but did not got the result i need , so for now i just disable but i’m not getting the results i really wanted to have.

any suggestions?
or any way to change the code of the moving backward?
i’m using richAi.


The included movement scripts are not great for that scenario.

However, I am working on a new movement script which I think should suit you better. You can try it out in the new beta (4.3.63) that was just uploaded.
When using the movement script FollowerEntity, you can use the options:

Following Strength: 0.01 (just a very low value. This will make it not care at all about moving away from the path when it turns around)
Allow Rotating On Spot: False (unless you have a tank, I suppose)

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thank you for your reply i’ll test this and tell you , also can you please tell me if it’s possible to edit your code? when i try to edit it all time come back to yours, i think because it is upload as packages , can i get it as assets?
thank you

You can, if you wish, move the Library/PackageCache/com.arongranberg.astar folder into your Assets folder, and at the same time remove the package from the package-manager to avoid two copies.

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thank you !
have a great days.

Oh i just start testing it , unfortunately the new beta version is 2022 unity version, and I’m using unity 2020.3.3f1 do you have it in this version?
Sorry to bother you

It’s okay by editing the rotation factor I’m getting good results I’ll continue on this data .

Sorry, it relies on some features that are only available in 2022.

No issue find the solution thank you