Movement with gamepad controller inside a GridGraph


we are programming an isometric 3D game in Unity, and studying the possibility of adopting this solution some doubts have arisen.

Our game would work both as a Point&Click system, and with GamePad control. The Point&Click part of the system is very easy to achieve with the base system, but I can’t find examples of a “manual” control system that allows an agent to always move within the boundaries of the navigation mesh, without using pathfinding.
I have seen that there is an RVOController object that can do what we are looking for, but it is only available for the Pro version, so I have not been able to test it. Would this object serve our purpose, and if so, how to use it? Are there examples and tutorials?

By the way, our game would use GridGraph or LayeredGridGraph navigation.

Thanks in advance.


The built-in movement scripts do not support manual movement like that. The closest thing I can think of is just feeding it a destination that is just a short distance (1-2m) away in the direction you want it to move in. As a bonus, it would also naturally walk around small obstacles in its way.

Hi Aron, thanks for the reply.

Perfect. I’ll probably try a hybrid control model separating the Point&Click control (using a Path), and the GamePad control (using a CharacterController).

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