Movement issues


I am creating a narrow grid in a train area where the AI needs to move from room to room but currently it’s doing a lot of back and forths. Tries to go as close to the edges as possible ( A* ofc ) and generally doesn’t really result to a proper movement as one would expect.
Here’s a video showing what’s happening:

Here’s a picture of my settings:

All my AIs have the following settings:

I would like it to:

  1. Not have back and forths in movement
  2. No rotations when they aren’t needed
  3. Not move at the edge of the graph if possible

Any ideas?


You are using an extremely small tile size. I’d recommend raising that to 128 or at least 64. That will get rid of the tiny triangles in your navmesh and make it much easier for the agent to follow the path.

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Thank you so much!! I am still getting confused it seems with what’s what.