Move To midway Point between Two Nodes

I’ve been using A* for a few weeks now, and been having a very irritating issue.

I’ve got a point graph set up. I would like my seeker to move to a point midway between two of the nodes. This works, IF the point is closer to the distant node, but if the point is closer to the near node, the seeker stops at the node. I have the seeker Move Modifier set to Interpolate, but it won’t go beyond the near node, if that node is closest to the eventual end point. I’ve tried moving the seeker after the Path Complete callback, but that introduces new issues. The GetNearest call afterwards returns a clamped position of 0,0,0 so my Seeker drifts towards the origin of the scene. I want the Seeker to stay on the graph path, even if the point clicked is off the path, it should move to the nearest point clicked.

Is there a simple solution to this within A*? Or do I need to find the nearest point on the graph again after it finishes and stops before it should?

Thanks for the help