A* Pathfinding Project

Move rich AI shape gizmo?


When I add a rich AI it puts the gizmo in the center of my object rather than at the bottom, and there’s no offset built into the script. How can I have my bounding gizmo at the bottom of my object ? I tried putting it inside an empty object and putting the scripts on that but then theres no bounding gizmo at all (i assume it needs a mesh)



The bottom of the RichAI cylinder is always at the pivot point of the agent. Are you seeing something else?


This is what im getting. I tried putting the scripts on the root object (AIpets) rather than on the geometry (bbllama) but then I didnt get a gizmo at all (not here ive also switched to the basic AI path script because it has built in stopping distance that works)


ok ignore me, user error :wink: i had done something stupid and it’s working as expected now :slight_smile: