More than 32 Tags


I was hoping to modify the amount of tags from 32 to 100, and I saw this thread:

But I’m not sure how to modify the bit-packing line of code in the graphnode.cs to create more tags. Is there any other way to do this or a guide in your documentation?

Thanks so much!


To get lots of tags you can do this change

public uint Tag {
    get {
        return (flags & FlagsTagMask) >> FlagsTagOffset;
    set {
        flags = flags & ~FlagsTagMask | value << FlagsTagOffset;


public uint Tag { get; set; }

That will give you 2^32 tags or 4294967296 which should be enough.

Note however that with this change, tags will no longer be saved with the node data if you are saving graphs to file or using cached startup. However if you are not using that, or the tags are all just zero when you do, everything should be fine.

That worked, thanks so much!

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