Modifying Path to be 'race lines' / racer pathing

I use Recast graph but don’t think this question is specific to it’s usage.

Here is a screenshot of my AI paths, with a red drawn line to show how I’d prefer the lines to be. Basically, I’d like to smooth the turns so that AI racers can go around corners smoothly. I use AStarController+Seeker+Funnel currently, haven’t found a modifier that will work yet.

Any help is appreciated!


This is a very hard problem since it essentially involves optimizing a path to account for vehicle dynamics. It is not something that is incuded in this package.

If possible, I would instead pre-define a custom path using e.g. bezier curves that your AI vehicles can try to follow. This is something I did successfully in a racing game I built. Pathfinding really is not optimal for racing games.