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Mobs falling though the world when moving

I am having an issue where a few of my MOBs are fall though the world when moving (maybe 5% of the time). I am procedurally creating my world and using the Procedural Grid Mover in my application, but in this test my “Player” is not moving so the grid is not moving. The MOBs seem to fall though near steep inclines so I think that is a clue.

I am using a Grid Graph and I have set the Max Climb to 1. I am using the AIPath class to move my rigid body objects (they have Use Gravity and Is Kinematic). I checked to make sure the points to move to have the same Y value as the texture map so I assume they are falling through is during movement.

Is there anything obvious I should look for? I am still new to unity so I could be making a beginner mistake.

Possibly, if the slope is very steep and the agent is not very tall, this can happen. Try to increase the height of your agent on the AIPath settings.

Yep, that was it. Great call, you got it on the first try! Thanks a lot.

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