Missing Profiler.EndSample Errors and strange behaviour

I am working in ECS, but I think these issues are just because I do not know how to correctly leverage the Pathfinding Project.

I’m getting an “Missing Profiler.EndSample (BeginSample and EndSample count must match): Calling Path Callbacks” Error when I generate more than 6 paths (as my first path generation since the game start, It does not throw this error if I generate 1 to 5 path(s), then 800, only if I generate 6+, then 800).
Additionally, since I do not have unit spacing yet, all my 800 units clump into one node. When I click to move them, only about half of them start moving. The other half require another click to give them the path. Will this fix if I have unit spacing? Anyone know what causes these issues? Anyone have any good unit spacing suggestions?


Sorry, the EndSample thing is a bug. If you open the ReturnPaths method (the exception should link to that method) you can remove all EndSample and BeginSample calls in that method and then it should work. A fix will also be included in the next update.

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yup that fixed it. Thanks!