Mesh collider pathfinding?


First of all great plugin!

Now to the question:

So we have some “advanced” 3d models that we would like our mobs to move around in. How is this best done while using the original mesh collider of the models. (An quick fix is to make some boxes with no mesh render but that ruins the points for having these 3d models, from who we use the mesh collider for other stuff).

Here is a screenshot of one of the models and the current graph:

We need to use the original mesh collider because we use it for other things like collision of bullets etc.
Also we are using the free version so farm but would buying the PRO version enable this feature?

Best regards Christoffer Mikkelsen


If you don’t want to create special colliders just for pathfinding, then your best bet is using the recast graph included in the pro version. That will take your 3D model mesh (rendered stuff), or optionally the collider and generate a navmesh from it. It fully supports multileveled environments.

Thanks, ill take a look at it :slight_smile:

Navmesh give you much better result. I had used GraphUpdateScene and colliders to tune the grid, it is Ok.