Max step height gravity +9.81


Im having issue climbing stairs with one of my character.

The problem is, this character is in opposite gravity (there is 2 characters in the game, one in the top and the other one in the bot) the problem is, the first one (which has regular gravity -9.81) works great, but the other one, wont climb stairs

Im using latest version A* (5.0.3)

I really need some help here

Thank you so much


Are the characters rotated to be upside down, or have you just inverted their gravity?
Because I think Unity’s CharacterController assumes some things about orientation, especially when climbing steps.

Yes, it is rotated too.Should I have a parent rotated instead and character in “up” position? Thank you so much.

Actually, I think Unity’s Character Controller simply does not support any rotation other than around the Y axis. So I don’t think it will work for your use case.

Thank you so much.

I have “solved” used a trigger, when character goes it, character its off, climb stairs, and when its out, its enabled again.

Its work for my game, its make me I cant pick objects inmediatly in the stairs o use it, but looks fine for now.

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