Map world position to room / area


I’m designing a simple AI which I want to give some rudimentary environmental knowledge to. I’m planning to have a simple graph where rooms / hallways = nodes and doors / connections = edges, and use graph searching to find flanking paths. However, to make this work I need some way to map a given position to a certain room, and I think the easiest way to make this happen is to use the navmesh data.

I think it would be simple to use the pathfinding project “tags” to easily mark rooms, however in that case the number of tags can’t be limited to something as low as say 32. Is it possible to add more than 32 tags with Pathfinding Project?

Is there a better way to achieve a map between position and a logical area?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


If you need that kind of mapping, maybe it’s easier to just use a Dictionary<GraphNode, whatever> to hold a custom mapping?

It is also possible to extend the number of tags by modifying the GraphNode class. See More than 32 Tags