Making Pointgraph connections visible in editor

Is it possible to make the pointgraph connections visble as lines between the nodes?
When I select the AstarPath gameobject I can see all the node points, but no links.

I have been able to confirm that the connections exist by with PointNode and GetNearest, but I can’t find any way to see how the graph is constructed.


The connections between the nodes should be visible once the graph has been scanned.
Make sure the graph has been scanned.

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The graph has definitely been scanned, and gizmos are definitely visible.
I get the same problem with the Pointgraph example, where Links and routes are visible but not connections.

That’s odd,

For me it shows the connections once I’ve scanned the graph:

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I got it working! Installing the latest version from the Asset Store seemed to fix the problem. Previously I was using the one I downloaded from the website, which must have had an issue. Thanks for your replies @ToastyStoemp!