Making a razor thin path/allowing it generate close to object's border


Due to how the game works, I am more than happy with razor thin graphs. Now, as you can see, the graph does not generate everywhere I need it to - that second slope and walking path to it on the 2nd floor.
You can see there a razor sharp path and I am totally fine with that [as my character radius is 0.5… I fiddle around with the settings, but cannot figure out, which one I should tweak. Because now it seems it just have no enough space for some reason. It has, but it thinks, it has not.


The recast graph requires that the object is at least about 2xCharacter radius + 1 or 2 voxels (cells) wide for it to generate a navmesh there.

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Looks ugly, of course. But luckily we have sorting layers on ordering for that. Physically the dude will be behing the wall, but will show up allright…