Make game like Crowd City with A* path?

Hi guys!
I am a Unity Developer. Can I create game like Crowd City (Voodoo) by this asset?
I tried Navmesh agent of Unity to make bot follow player but it seem tracking algorithms are not very good.
So my intended is going to buy this asset to do it.


I’m not quite sure how large the crowds get in the end, but I think it should be possible.
You would probably want to use this path type: and a custom movement script in order to calculate the paths from every agent to the player in a reasonable time.

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I’ve read document but it say “and you do not update the graph or change the target point very often”. I think type of game will change target point every frame :disappointed_relieved:

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Hi @aron_granberg .
I test your asset, can I ask 3 question:

  • How can I make it dont overlap when move.
  • When AIBot get destination, I want it don’t overlap each other and they spread evenly behind the player. Do I need custom may script or A* can do that?
  • I read floodpath document but I don’t know how to use, how can I apply it to project? Where is object I have to attach it. I can’t find any tutorials for that.
  • Do you think 1000 objs using navmesh and 1000 objs using your asset, Which one is better optimized?
    Thanks a lot!

Can I make player is a dynamic obstacle, and AIBot will automatically dodges when near the player?
Ps: I know it bothers you a lot. Those will be the last questions. Thanks for your help!

You use local avoidance. See

Also local avoidance.

This tutorial might be helpful, though it is more geared towards using custom movement scripts:
You can find an example of how to make an agent with one of the built-in movement scripts use a custom path here:

I’m not sure actually. I think pathfinding in my package is definitely faster (especially if you use the FloodPath it will be massively faster than Unity), however Unity’s navmesh agent is faster than the movement scripts from this package. I think the local avoidance in this package is faster than Unity’s though (especially in the latest beta of this package). Overall I think my package will outperform Unity’s, but I haven’t tested this.

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