Make A* work with Fast Enter Play Mode

Hi! Currently Unity has Fast Enter Play Mode feature enabled since 2019.3 (it is an experimental feature). We managed to change or code to work with this, but we are having problems with the AStartPath and it’s static field 'active".
This feature really improves Unity workflow reducing a lot iteration times, i would be nice to be supported by this awesome plugin :P.
Thanks you in advance


This is already supported in the beta version available at
To be more specific disabling reload domain is supported, but Reload Scene must still be enabled.
However Reload Domain is the setting that saves the most time, so it’s a big win in any case.

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Great to know! Thanks you!

In which version did you add the domain reload functionality?

I have 4.3.15 and I’m experiencing issues with domain reload

I tried to download the beta version but I can’t find it in the package manager. I just see the normal 4.3.15 version.


I’m pretty sure it should work in 4.3.15.
What particular problems are you seeing?

Which version of Unity are you Using?

Nevermind, I was incorrect.

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Hi! Why Reload Scene must still be enabled? In our case is where most of the time is thrown away. Is it any workaround to make it work without scene reloading, or is it planned to support it in short time? Thanks!


Are there any plans on making it work without “Reload Scene” as well?
That would be a game changer for me.

@aron_granberg Any update on this ? Most of the assets figured out a way to solve this; is it that complex ?

For me it doesn’t even work with the last beta; even if I scan first.
Really frustrating :frowning:


At least last I checked “Reload Scene” broke a ton of invariants and make it really hard to build something robust on. So right now I have no plan to support that option.