Make A* ignore some colliders

I have a lot of gameObjects that will be scanned by A*. Now I want to add Sphere Collider as trigger that works like radar for my game object. However, A* still considers it as part of pathfinding graph. How to make it ignore some colliders??


Assuming you are using a grid graph:
Edit the Grid Graph Settings -> Collision Testing mask and Height Testing mask fields. Put your sphere collider in a layer which you exclude from both of those masks.

An alternative solution is to set the Unity Project Settings -> Physics -> Raycast Hit Triggers to false. I think that will also have the desired effect.

This isn’t a great solution. Because then the collision occurs on the child game object rather than the parent. So its not very intuitive for your game object heirachy.

Parent or child doesn’t matter. You just need to make sure that the different objects have different layers and that the grid graph is properly configured to handle those layers.