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Low fps in scene/game window in Unity

When grid graph (i mean Pathfinder object, with Graphs, Settings, Save & Load, Optimization and About components)
when grid graph is active in my scene and i click Play button, fps starts falling from 150fps+ to 2fps. I’ve already checked by set to active and inactive all objects in scene, so this happens because of this graph. Even when fps fell to 2fps and if i set grid graph to inactive, fps will be the same. Here is screenshot of low fps -
And here is screenshot of high fps -
There are some 2D objects in hierarchy, that’s all.
Of the background tasks, only discord and browser

Any ideas how to fix it?


Would you mind taking a screenshot using the Unity profiler to see what is using so much CPU power?

@aron_granberg Here is screenshot of CPU when fps is normal (high) -

And here is screenshot when fps low -



Do you think you can show the hierarchy view? It’s hard to tell what’s going with just the graphs which doesn’t show most function names.

Btw. Something seems to throw a lot of exceptions in your game :stuck_out_tongue:

this view?

No, the one in the profiler. You can switch from the timeline view to another view.

To see full function names

@aron_granberg are you there?


You’ll need to expand the slow items to see what is going on :slight_smile:

enough of expand, i hope :slight_smile:


This doesn’t seem to be related to any pathfinding scripts. From what I can tell, something in your game is throwing a lot of exceptions and this is pretty slow. Check the console :slight_smile: