Looking for quadruped character movement Recommendations


I have been few days trying different approaches trying to get a good solution for a quadruped agent (crocodile).

The thing here, is that I have other (main enemie) that uses a graph with a agent radius of 0.3 or so (human character), and I want to use the same graph for the quadruped one.

Well, the rigidbody approach it not bad at all, but sometimes goes crazy (jumping, movement jitters, etc). The character controller aproach is smooth as always, but since I cant adjust the capsule collision to the body of the crocodile, it gets inside the walls etc when it goes straight ahead.

Any hint about this? Any comment is very appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:



As for pathfinding there is no way to do thing like guarantee that the crocodile can turn or to take it’s non-circular shape into account. What people usually do is to use a graph with a high enough clearance radius that the crocodile has some room to turn in all cases and it won’t look that bad.

How to handle animation for a quadruped is outside the scope of this package. I think FinalIK has some quadruped examples though.

Hi! Thanks for the reply.

Finally I got a good-enough solution. Using capsule colliders for his legs and moving it with physics with the RichAI component. As I have walk turn left and right animations (using blend tree), the crocodile looks pretty good. and as colliders are attached to the bones, and animations make those colliders turn, it gives the desired behaviour :). Well, the crocodile has a small lake where he lives, so doesnt have to move so much, just to follow the player if is near…

Thanks for the recommendations.


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And another best solution… I have separately IA + simple collision with world, and the crocodile mesh + animation lerping to the desired position (in a different parent). Then I get a smooth movement :slight_smile:

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