Long initial scan time

Hello. I’m having trouble with my scan time growing longer as I add more nodes to my point graph. I have it setup to use all game objects with a specific tag as nodes. With about 200 nodes it’s taking 3s. With the other sections of the map in the same scene, another 200 nodes ups it to 12s and with a third section it’s 20s.

I’m using the graph update scene component to update specific nodes during runtime but the initial scan when the scene is first loaded is what takes long and the game is pretty much locked up during that time until it finishes. Is this typical or are there ways I can reduce it?

Are you using the free or pro version?

I’m using the pro version.

Actually, it appears that the graph scan is occurring quickly, under 100ms I think. The problem seems to be that following a graph scan, Unity does things that lock up the game. For example, after I click Scan in the editor, it will print the scan time in the console and then a popup in Unity says Application.UpdateScene which then takes 10 - 30s depending how many nodes are in my scene. If I do this in a build, it just locks up for those 10 - 30s then finally loads the starting scene. If I don’t do the scan on scene startup it doesn’t give me the delay and the scene loads quickly in the build and I enter play mode quickly in editor. Though it doesn’t do this in the point graph example scene, even if I up the nodes to a similar amount.

I found a solution. Had to do with how I was instantiating my nodes at runtime and when the scan was being performed.