Lockstep networking and this pathfinding library

I am looking at creating a MOBA and am interested in using lockstep networking to handle large numbers of minions over the wire. Determinism is a big factor in lockstep networking, determinism meaning we can expect the same result on any machine we calculate the game simulation on. I’m interested in whether or not this library would work within this sort of framework?

I am only now learning about networking like this, so it’s a new topic overall. Any advice is welcome on the subject of networking a MOBA as well, though I know this forum isn’t targeting that topic.

I’ve found this forum entry which seems to answer the question, so now I only want to know if the feature mentioned to wait for a path calc was added?

The other post

I’m trying to get a feel for which parts of the library will be deterministic and which won’t. Path follow, local avoidance, path generation(sounds like this one is ok), etc. Thanks in advance.

Yes, WaitForPath was implemented. See http://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/class_astar_path.php#a36de576afe962e470d4379d8c02c2673

Path calculation itself is deterministic, but I would still suggest that you use an authoritative server for pathfinding since that usually leads to fewer problems.