Local avoidance: RVOController push through/into obstacles

I ran into a problem where objects get pushed through obstacles or non-passable regions, caused by local avoidance.

Please see the following video:

The green sphere represents the target point for agents. As shown in the video, agents get pushed through the gray wall that is near the target point.

I tested it with 3.5.2 and releases using Unity 4.6.0b21, the problem occurs in both pathfinding packages.

Here is the test project (you need to import your pathfinding package to make it work)

This problem is a showstopper for us, so I would like to know when this is being fixed.

Thanks in advance


Try the latest beta and use the RVONavmesh component.
See http://arongranberg.com/astar/docs_dev/local-avoidance.php#obstacles

The local avoidance system itself does not know about any obstacles, so you have to make it aware of them, e.g using the RVONavmesh component. It only has support for navmesh/recast graphs at the moment however.

RVO obstacles are only supported from and up.