Local Avoidance Question

I currently have a couple of problems involving multiple NPCs. First, two characters walking towards each other along a very similar path will collide. They will bump along each other until they finally can pass and continue on the way. A second scenario is two characters walking the same direction, but the one behind walks faster. In this case, the second character ends up bumping right behind the first and sort of pushing it.

So, my question is, will the local avoidance system in the Pro version solve these issues? I’m debating buying it, but on a budget (this is for research I’m doing as a grad student). If it’ll solve the issue, then I’m sure I can convince my supervisor to help me buy a copy.



The local avoidance system would solve those issues (at least the one which will be included in version 3.2).
If you feel that it is too expensive for you, you could try other force based avoidance systems such as UnitySteer.

Excellent. I’ve been given the go-ahead to buy. :slight_smile: I wanted to support you on this project, because it’s been very helpful and useful. Just too expensive if it had to come directly from my pocket.

Hmm, except your website won’t let me buy it. I’ve tried Firefox, Safari and Chrome. But, every time I press “add to cart” it gets followed by a screen that says “nothing in your cart.”

I also had this problem. You need to clear your browser cache or purchase it from the Unity Asset Store.

Sorry about the cart on my website. That plugin is really crappy. Fortunately it does not happen to many it seems since I get an email every time that happens (the plugins says “error error: no items in the cart” or something like that), once every month or so. When I have the time I will write a dedicated A* Pathfinding Project page with a better shopping cart system.