Local avoidance make agents stuck

Hi, i’m using the pathfinding package ver 4.3.47pro.
I find this situation.

EnemyA and EnemyB are tracing the player to attack him.
EnemyA has stopped because it is attacking Player(i set its rvo controller locked).
EnemyB is moving towards the obstacle and get stuck.
Both of them have RVO Controller.
It acts like the RVO makes EnemyB move towards obstacle, and i draw the velocity calculated by rvo, it is towards obstacle.

I wonder if is the removing of RVO Obstacle results in this situation?
How can i fix this problem?
Do you consider adding RVO Obstacle back?


Sadly, with purely RVO this cannot be solved. The local avoidance will try to go to the right of the enemy because it is the locally best solution. The RVO algorithm doesn’t really like agents being locked and doing so can cause issues like this.

Depending on your game, this page might help you: Utilities for turn-based games - A* Pathfinding Project

If i add RVO Obstacle on this obstacle,would this can be solved?

No, and RVO obstacle will have the same issue. Enemy B gets stuck in a local minima, and local avoidance cannot help you there.

Hi, SingleNode seems doesn’t work with RecastGraph.
Is there any solution for RecastGraph?

Thanks aron.
I found AirMech rasterized whenever a unit comes to a stop with good results.
I solved this issue by using Navmeshcut.

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