Local avoidance for an RPG game, behavior like in Diablo 2, 3


I’m currently making an RPG game which will be released on mobile platforms at first, so performance is a big consideration. It’s a survival RPG and there should be many enemies. I’m currently implementing this with CharacterController and pathfinding using the free version of A*. And it works really well - the enemies avoid obstacles and surround the player, much like in Diablo 2 and 3. The problem comes when I have more than 50 enemies or so - the performance drops to 10 fps or so and I really want to support more than 100 enemies.

I have tried the following solution:

  • Instead of CharacterController I added just a Sphere or Capsule collider
  • Also a RigidBody component, Kinematic checked
  • Still using the A* pathfinding and moving the objects with transform.Translate

It works good and the performance difference is huge. However:

  • The enemies don’t collide with each other, which means they will form a perfect line when following the player or stay on top of each other when they attack him. The player still collides with them, which is good.
  • Once they all bunch up on top of each other, frame rate drops below 5 fps, but I think this will go away once I figure out the local avoidance.

So here is why I’m posting this. I saw that there is Local Avoidance in the Pro version of A*. Is it well suited for such a project? Basically, I need to have enemy behavior like in Diablo 2/3 or any other RPG game for that matter. The second important thing is support for 100-200 enemies on a mobile device.


Absolutely ! Its very cheap as far as Runtime is concerned and is very easy to implement !! (Just replace the CharacterController with the RVOController )

Thanks for the answer! I already purchased it a couple of days ago and the results are amazing. Since the game level will be an open area I might get away with local avoidance only and no pathfinding.

Great library, I’m happy with my purchase.

Great to hear! If you need any more help or advise feel free to post on the forums or contact Arron or I directly !