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Local Avoidance Bottleneck Question Before I Buy Pro

How does the A* Pathfinding Project handle bottlenecks of multiple agents attempting to pass through a one agent wide passage? I don’t see any examples of this in the videos posted to the unity page, or in the brief check I’ve done of the documentation thus far.

(For context, I’m making an rts style game with destroyable geometry, and after two years of off and on development I’ve somewhat got orca working but it still isn’t fixing my bottleneck issue, so I’m thinking of just throwing in the towel on creating all my pathfinding code from scratch)


Sorry for the late reply, I have been away for some time.

This package uses rvo in the non-beta version and ORCA in the beta, so this package will probably not be too different from your implementation. ORCA and RVO are only local avoidance algorithms, so they do not plan around bottlenecks in any way. It is possible to build that on top of this package, but it is not something that is included out of the box.