A* Pathfinding Project

Local avoidance and walk over other agents


I am making bugs, lots of them, hundreds. Those bugs are small and they can walk over others AI agents.
I have readed about RVO local avoidance and I have implemented it, because I want this to the bugs, but now they only walk over other agents if someone push from behind.

Is there any possibility to tell the RVO a kind of priority to avoid or walk over other agents if the avoid route needs, for example, makes the agent turns X degrees?



What exists in the local avoidance is that you can make some agents completely ignore other agents and pass through them (using the avoidance mask on the rvo controller component). You can also set a priority, but this will only affect how much this unit avoids other units and vice versa (higher priority units will move very little out of the way for units with lower priority and vice versa).


Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: