Loading Multiple Scenes

We have a game where zone are loaded and unload as the player walk around. This is dynamic and there is no loading screen.

The AStarPath component shouldn’t save graph.

There should be a component made to generate and store graph. Once loaded, it should give it to AStarPath, so that multiple generator could exist.

Also, there should be a kind of node link component to properly link two graph that exists side by side.

Finally, we would need recast zones to be orientable or even be based on a geometry’s shape for room that have odd shape.

Is this even a possibility?

I’m looking into this myself, and would just like to +1 the desire for this.

Or maybe you figured out a solution yourself?

We hope to load in and out portions of the game at runtime using SceneManager.

I’m very new to this API so I was just wondering if anyone had any pointers.


There is support for loading and saving graphs to files. See http://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/save-load-graphs.php
Right now there is no out of the box solution for streaming unfortunately, but the functionality exists should you want to write something like this yourself.

Thanks for the response! And yes I was experimenting with this yesterday, and got /somewhere/. May be back with some more questions. Won’t go into specifics now because I’m on another task, but, yeah, was having slight problems with the first StartPath call returning zero nodes and things.

I will probably start a new thread for it with more specifics.

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