Load from file doesn't seem to work. "No open points, whole area searched"

If I create a scene and create a recast graph locally, I can play my scene and it works fine.

If I open an existing scene, create a recast graph and play, it works. My problem is when I generate a graph on my machine and save to file then my partner uses Load from file.

The graph shows up (with Show mesh outline checked) but if I try to give my seeker a path, it gets returned with an error. “No open points, whole area searched”, followed by"Path Failed : Computation Time 5.00 ms Searhced Nodes 6"

Do you have any idea why it is not working?

If I change the file to a bytes and load it through code it seems to work fine, but the load button doesn’t seem to work properly.


Are you sure the graph is scanned when playing. If you are loading from code you are most likely doing that in Start or Awake, as opposed to Load From File which is done in the editor (when not playing). Make sure the graph is scanned on start since it will not keep the nodes when transitioning from non-play mode to play-mode.
Maybe Cached Startup is what you want?

Okay, that might be the problem then. I was hitting load from file, then Generate Cache (but clicking no for scan) and then had Cached Startup checked… I only need it to load from code anyways so I suppose my problem is solved.