Live Recompile, Aron how do I reset the pathfinder?

I’m using Rich AI, and I’m trying to get my game to work with live recompile as the rest of my game supports it.

I managed to serialize/de-serialize the graph prior to and after live recompile successfully, but my Rich AI’s don’t follow on the same path or are offset somehow and will often reachedEndOfPath but not reach destination.

However if I create new AI’s they move correctly. So new AI’s after the live recompile work, but existing ones malfunction.

So my questions how do I reset everything in my Rich AI object, so it functions properly again after live recompile. Something is being held back and/or not saved properly making it out of sync and malfunction.

I wrote a little guide on how to use Live recompile here but given your extensive use of dictionaries and static pools this seems like a bit of a daunting task to make it work. I’m really just looking for a quick workaround to simply clear all the information and pools so I can get the existing AI objects moving properly.

Thank you