Linking a grids

Hello, I want to descibe my problem about a linking a grids…
In our game there is a procedural world generation (chunks) and we want to have an AI grid for every chunk, it looks good…

but there our problem begins. An AI can’t move to another grid, so we tried to use “autoLinkGrids” boolean which is not currently supported. Any ideas?

PS: We got FREE edition and we are thinking to buy PRO someday, because its nice.
PS2: We tried to search this forums, but we couldnt find anything that will solve this.

Have you tried this? (Solution #2) It works for me.

So I implemented it this way aaaand… “GridNodes do not have support for adding manual connections.”. So nope, thats not the right way. BTW: Whats your A* version?


Sorry for the late answer
@Districted Are you using the pro version? You can open the Optimizations settings and check the setting for enabling grid nodes to have manual connections.
In the free version that option is unfortunately stripped at the moment (it shouldn’t be, it’s just a mistake).

Btw, have you tried the procedural grid mover script?