Level creation on LayeredGridGraph


we are validating the Asset for our project, and we are seeing that the LayeredGridGraph feature is going to be crucial for our development (isometric game with scenarios of different heights and floors).
I’ve already seen that this is a feature only available in the Pro version, and I’ve been looking for tutorials to see how to handle this class, and especially how the levels must be built so that the tool knows how to read the different floors.
I’ve only found the video you have on the web showing how it behaves (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsP87BkBemw), but I haven’t seen anywhere an explanation of how to build a stage like this.

Is there a page with an example of creation or a step-by-step tutorial on how to create an example like this?

As I said, this feature is crucial for our project, so we need to validate this first.

Thank you very much.


The package uses the unity physics engine to determine where the floors are. It’s very similar to how the normal grid graph available in the free version works (in fact the UI is essentially identical). The internals differ a bit due to it having a different memory layout and a few other things, but the user-facing part is very similar.