LayeredGridGraph Overhangs

Hi there, I am using a layered grid graph which is generated from a mesh collider, in most places the graph is generated as a I expect but it seems wherever there is geometry at a higher level then no graph is generated below, please see the image below.

I have looked at other forum posts and have tried a lot of variants in the settings to try and overcome this but nothing seems to work, is this a supported scenario or more likely what I am I doing wrong?

Some further context, this mesh is generated from voxel terrain, all of which is destructible, I chose a layered grid graph because I will be updating regions of the graph whenever parts of the terrain are destroyed or modified.

Players can carve tunnels into the terrain and I need the pathfinding to be able to cope with that, tunnels I have carved so far seem to work again providing there is no geometry anywhere in the graph above them.

But since I cannot get it to work I am using a recast which seems to be less than idea as this is a large procedural world and I cannot use the procedural grid mover.

Image 1: you can see the graphs generated above the overhang and the gap left below outlined in magenta:

Image 2: you can see the scope of the overhang in side profile and the distance between the overhang and the ground.

Image 3: Is roughly the settings i’ve been using:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I can’t quite see what’s going on in your screenshots. But I have an idea.
Is your whole mesh a single mesh, or is the overhang a different part?
If it’s the same mesh, then the current version may have issues handling that. You could try out the beta version which uses a different raycasting method that should be able to handle it better.