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Layered Graph and pathing questions (considering height and jumping gaps)

Greetings all,

Working on a 3D grid based game and, after rolling my own pathfinding system, I found this and wanted to see if I could get more out of it that I have. So far, I have a layered grid graph set up and, after looking at the turn based example, have constant path to get the initial available movement. That all said, have a couple lingering questions. Still a bit new to the tool so forgive me if these are obvious.

Here’s a quick screen as an example:

  1. Is there any way to have the ConstantPath take height into account when building a path? In the picture, the unit has a movement of 4 blocks but a jump of only 1. ConstantPath returns the tiles on top of that land bridge. If there a way to rig it to take height into account? Been trying to fiddle with the elevation penalty rule but haven’t been able to get it figured out.

  2. For the grid graph, is there a way to implement a sort of “gap jumping”? So, with that gap on the land bridge, if a unit had enough movement, they’d just “hop” over it to the next tile rather than walk around. I thought I had read on a post here that there was a “Link” option or tab, but haven’t found it.

  3. I had actually just noticed in the image that the tales under the bridge aren’t being returned when they should be. Is this a problem of needing to add more layers or something? Wasn’t sure what might be causing that.

… I think that’s everything. Sorry for the long-winded post. I’ll keep scanning the docs and forums but wanted to make a post in case someone has been here before. Thank you all very much for the time!



  1. Not out of the box I’m afraid. This requires custom connection weights.

  2. Again, not out of the box. You can add custom off-mesh links, but you will need a custom script to place them.

  3. Hard to say without seeing the graph and its settings, but I would suspect that the “character height” field on the layered grid graph is too high?