Large Open (and non-tile based) 2D World Performance

So I have a prototype that is a large 2D world that is not tile based and running into some issue with the grid graph:

  • Performance is not so great with how many nodes there are and the are a lot of nodes are open
  • With using a non-tile based system, the grid pattern can create weird pathing (even with raycast and smoothing modifiers)

I was looking at some other graphs like mesh or recast however it seems like those don’t really work with 2D colliders.

What what graph would you recommend using for a non-tile based large open world 2D game?


Sorry for the late answer.
Unfortunately I don’t have a great solution for this at the moment. A recast graph would be best, but right now it doesn’t support 2D colliders. Support for that can be hacked together, I suppose, but it’s not completely trivial.