Lagging with multiple instances of pathfinding and using other optimization methods

Hi I am using your path finding and it lags after 15 instances of object repeat computing for a path to a target. I was just wondering if there are ways to optimize the pathfinding aside from the one in optimization tab because I checked almost all of the check boxes in that tab and it still lags. Will using your threading script reduce the amount of lag I am experiencing? Because 15 instances of the seeker is supposed to be too few to cause so much lag.

I have got about 30 being used at the same time and it runs ok, but I am using ABPath directly and not using a seeker (currently). I think there are ways to optimize when you get to actually getting past the prototyping phase like path sharing or something. So you can have 1 leader like unit plot the path and others follow that one and just try to stay close to it. So you could theoretically move 100 units with 1 pathfinding call with some local variance as they go.

Thanks for the answer. I think it would be hard for me to apply the leader theory because most of my objects spawn in different points at different times. Can you give me an example script that uses the basic ABPath. And could I apply multi-target to the abpath the same way I use it on the seeker? Will modifiers like the funnel modifier and Alternative Path modifier work with ABPath?