Ladders on navmesh / links are too far away from nodes


I wanna implement ladders which allow my npcs to climb up on the roof of a house.

I tried to set a link from the ground to the roof but if I click “snap to closest node” the links are put to positions very far away from the ladder cause there is no navmesh node created on the links position but far away from it. Wouldn’t it be better to set a navmesh node to where the designer creates links?

I’m interested how others create ladder systems. How would you solve my problem: let a npc find its way onto the roof of a house by climbing a ladder?

Thanks a lot,



The links system is a bit limited at the moment.
What you can do is to create a point graph which holds the start and end points of the ladder, then link the navmesh node with the start point of the ladder and the ladder ends and then the ladder end with another navmesh node near it. A bit messy, but it works.

Thanks Aron. It works.

I made a little editor script which scans ladders for top and bottom point nodes and auto links it to the nearest navmesh grid nodes.

Works like a charm.