Label2D Z-Testing

Could you add a few features to label2D, right now in big scenes it really makes quite a mess,
It doesn’t have support for Z-Testing which is understandable considering its size and rotation are camera-based but there is no other option to make it static or let it have a constant size instead of pixelSize, in its current form it really fills up quite a bit of screen, can you add an option for something that at least has Z-Testing or maybe add a Label3D method?
It will be really helpful. :smiley:

Btw, I just wanted to ask how this forum was created, did you buy some product or built this from scratch, I’ve been looking into this so was just curious as this one is pretty good

Any suggestion regarding this would be appreciated


Currently there is no z testing for that label. However you can make it use a sort of world-space size by setting the font size in pixels to something like 20/Vector3.Distance(point, Camera.main.transform.position) (obviously not the most convenient way). That might help enough?