Jittery Gravity

Hello there, I’m experiencing a weird jitter on certain parts of my navmesh using a Follower Entity.

The navmesh itself isn’t flush with the terrain, and so the player sits above the ground.

When I enable gravity, and set the Raycast Ground Mask to the layer of the terrain, the character seems to jitter up and down. You can see an example of it happening here:

Is there some kind setup that I may be missing here?

One more video to show the issue from the editor side with the gizmos. Its as if its properly getting set to the terrain ground, but then pulled back up for some reason.


It looks like the navmesh might have been generated far above the terrain. The FollowerEntity does not like being too far below the navmesh, and will try to move up in that case.
Try to decrease the recast graph’s tile size a bit to mitigate this.

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